The last month of preparation is very important for JEE Main aspirants as it can make or break your future dream. Hence, give extra emphasis during this month. Qualifying the JEE Main in last few days is tough but not impossible. A bit of strategy and focused approach can help you to get good marks. JEE Main is considered as the toughest examination hence, cracking the test is not a cakewalk. However, if you are determined and can push yourself to an extra mile, then nothing is impossible.

1. Focus on Prepared Sections

You have just given your board examination. Hence, you have prepared a large section of JEE Main syllabus. So, just start revising the prepared syllabus more precisely. You should not start any new topic and instead just re-visit your basic fundamentals, formulas and derivations. Revise what you have already prepared. Studying a new topic is a big no and will only lead to more confusion for you. It is better to be completely confident about the things you know than to walk into the examination hall with incomplete information about a new topic. Just go through your notes and revise the topics you’ve already prepared.

2. Revise Important Topics Daily

Some important topics that need to be revised for JEE Main are Coordinate Geometry and Calculus in Mathematics, Electromagnetism and Modern Physics in Physics and Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium and Aromatic Compounds in Chemistry. Spare at least couple of hours to revise the important sections and solve as many questions you can. It is important to know the weightage of the topics to prepare in a better way.

3. Solve Mock Test Papers

While solving mock tests in the specified time period, make mistakes you can and then go back to analyse where you went wrong. This is similar to the exercise of facing all fears head on. You might as well make those silly mistakes while you can afford to. So if you fumble while taking mock JEE Main papers, don’t get flustered. These mistakes will ensure that you don’t repeat them on the D-day.

4. NCERT Textbooks are the Best

Your JEE Main preparation should be based on the NCERT syllabus. You should be thorough with the NCERT syllabus and concepts. It is imperative to get your concepts cleared with the help of NCERT textbooks. Your JEE Main preparations should have their foundation on NCERT books.

5. Previous Years JEE Main Papers

You should go through and solve the last five years JEE Main papers. Solving previous years’ JEE Main question papers will prepare you psychologically to face the exam with more confidence, as you have already tested the waters with the last years’ papers.

6. Tune Your Biological Clock

If you Are used to studying in the wee hours of the night and sleeping throughout the day, it is the time to reverse your body’s clock. In the last month leading to JEE Main exam, make sure that you are up & about during the timings that the exam is scheduled otherwise you’re bound to feel sleepy in the middle of the exam. You should be getting sufficient sleep and waking up at the same time as you would on the exam day. Each day during the exam hours you should be solving mock tests and JEE Main papers to be able to manage time and get your body used to the exam day schedule and timing.

7. Practice Makes You Perfect

Ed Macauley, a professional basketball player said,

"When you are not practising, remember, someone somewhere is practising and when you meet him, he will win".

This holds true for your JEE preparation as well. What could give you an edge over others, who’ve learnt the same things from the same set of books, is practice.