Most students decide to join coaching classes to prepare for IIT JEE Advanced exam. However, about 50% of the candidates who clear JEE Advanced study themselves, and do not join any coaching classes. 

Self Study vs. Coaching Classes

Assume, there are two students - A and B. A decides to study on his own whereas B joins a coaching institute. The following advantages are on each student’s side.

  • Student A gets more time to study as he does not have to waste time in travelling to and from the classes. Student A can attend school better as he does not have to worry about missing classes to attend coaching.
  • Student B gets more guidance in the coaching institute and learns methods to face competitive exams. Student B faces the competition at institute level and can prepare for the competition.

Disadvantages for the students

  • Student A might not realise that certain tips and tricks are needed to face the national level competitive exam. Student A might miss out on higher level study material and preparation methods.
  • Student B might have less time left for self study and practise. Student B might feel intimidated and shy by other students and not be able to learn in a classroom environment.

It is absolutely possible that Student A may score more than Student B or even vice versa. It all depends on how the student has managed his resources and time.

How To Crack JEE Without Coaching Classes

These are some important things you must consider if you are doing self study.

  • From the beginning, refer only important books. NCERT Class 11 and 12 books are most important while preparing for the entrance exam. Apart from that, select at most two reference books to prepare from.
  • Manage time properly. Do not think that you have enough time. There is only enough time to study, practise and revise. Utilize every minute. If you are not attending coaching classes, time is in your favor.
  • Use free online mock tests and other resources to assess yourself.
  • Do not use the learn-by-heart method. You need to understand what you are studying. The IIT JEE Advanced exam tests your understanding and not how good you are at rote learning.
  • Ask questions in class. Do not have any doubts in your mind. If there is any topic you cannot understand, ask your teacher.
  • Solve previous year IIT JEE Papers. Though the questions are never repeated, you will get a very accurate idea of the level of questions asked.
  • Do not skip any topic. Remember that all topics that are mentioned in the IIT JEE Advanced syllabus are important. Even if someone tells you that a particular topic is never asked in the exam, do not pay heed. It is important that you cover all topics.